Bitcoin History Part 16: The First Mt. Gox Hack

No one remembers the first Mt. Gox hack. It was a small sum, even by 2011’s standards, and the exchange reimbursed all users. The incident was to prove significant, however, for it set in motion a string of attacks on other bitcoin platforms that began the very next day. By the time the dust h...

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Measles is often spread by adults

BEFORE A vaccine became widely available in the 1960s, measles was an inevitable childhood disease. The highly contagious virus came round like clockwork. Infection conferred lifelong immunity—but at the cost, each year, of about 500 deaths and 50,000 hospitalisations in America alone. In the decad...

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India’s stealth privatisation

IN 2007 INDIA combined two troubled state-run champions, Indian Airlines for domestic flights and Air India for international ones, in the hope that consolidation would produce higher profits and happier flyers. Instead, the merger created unhappy unions, shabbier service and mounting losses. Last...

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