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AI & IT / All Technical - 1 year ago

Measles is often spread by adults

BEFORE A vaccine became widely available in the 1960s, measles was an inevitable childhood disease. The highly contagious virus came round like clockwork. Infection conferred lifelong immunity—but at the cost, each year, of about 500 deaths and 50,0...

AI & IT / All Technical - 1 year ago

If you’re looking for gold, look in trees

IN THE GOOD old days, gold miners could seek out visible specks of bling at the surface in order to find deeper, richer veins. These days, prospectors must examine samples of dirt for more minute traces suggestive of a hidden seam below. Analysing w...

AI & IT / All Technical - 1 year ago

AI is Beating the Hype With Stunning Growth

The number of internet connected “things” by 2020 is expected to reach 50 billion. A whopping $19 trillion is anticipated as cost-savings and profits from this investment. Follow the money. It is true in politics, business and investing. Right now,...